Tranquillon Ridge Oil and Gas Development Project

County EIR#: 06EIR-00000-00005
State Clearinghouse #: 2006021055

Prepared For   County of Santa Barbara Planning & Development

Prepared By    Agoura Hills, CA

Volume II - Appendices

Environmental Impact Report

    • D.1 Background
    • D.2 Model Description
    • D.3 Model Results
    • D.4 References
    • E.1 Background
    • E.2 Impacts to Marine Water and Sediment Quality
    • E.3 Impacts to Marine Biological Resources
    • E.4 References
    • G.1 Background
    • G.2 Drifter Studies
    • G.3 MMS OSRA Model
    • G.4 OSRA Results
    • G.5 GNOME Model
    • G.6 GNOME Model Results
    • K.1 Proposed Tranquillon Ridge Development Project
    • K.2 Existing Point Pedernales Facilities
    • K.3 Proposed Tranquillon Ridge Project
    • K.4 Environmental Setting
    • K.5 Potentially Significant Issues
    • K.6 Project Alternatives
    • K.7 Previous Environmental Documents
    • L.1 Requirements for NPDES Permits and Coverage Conditions
    • L.2 Effluent Limitations and Monitoring Requirements
    • L.3 Monitoring, Recording and Reporting Requirements
    • L.4 Standard Conditions
    • L.5 Definitions

April 2008