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The Permit Compliance Program (PCP)

As a result of offshore oil and gas development on the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) and in State Of California Tidelands, several large onshore oil and gas development projects were proposed for construction in Santa Barbara County in the mid 1980s.

Due to the complexity of the projects, environmental review identified hundreds of environmental impacts and mitigation measures that were incorporated into the permits as complex conditions and environmental protection programs. Each project is subject to a half dozen or more County permits, including a Final Development Plan, Conditional Use permit, Coastal Development Permit, Rezone, Grading permit, Electrical Permit, APCD Authority to Construct and Authority to Operate, and Fire Department and Environmental Health Services permits.

In order to implement these programs and to provide interdepartmental coordination across numerous projects and the hundreds of permit conditions, Santa Barbara County approved a new Permit Compliance Program (PCP) in September 1986.

The PCP provides a regular forum for County departments to discuss permit compliance status of all oil and gas projects. The goals of the PCP are to ensure that approved developments occur as approved, to maintain comprehensive monitoring and enforcement procedures that are efficient for the County, community, agencies and developers, to prevent potential violations or non-compliance with project approvals and permits, to discover and resolve violations at the earliest opportunity, and to ensure the adequacy of the permit conditions.



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