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Enforcement Process Details

Enforcement Process Details

    Following-up on Violations

      Once the deadline for the Notice of Violation has lapsed, the assigned enforcement staff will (1) check to see if an application has been submitted to cure the violation, or (2) conduct a follow-up inspection of the property to make sure that the violation has been abated. If (1) the application has not been submitted, or (2) the follow-up inspection reveals that the violation persists, a Notice of Determination of Fines and a second Notice of Violation will issue.

      If an application has been submitted for review, the enforcement case is temporarily placed on hold and will remain in suspension as long as the agreed-upon abatement schedule is being followed. Enforcement staff will check the progress of the permit application periodically to ensure compliance with the schedule. Failure to comply with the schedule will result in the issuance of a Notice of Determination of Fine and a second Notice of Violation. The process will continue until the violation is corrected and/or proper permits are obtained.

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