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Enforcement Process Details

Enforcement Process Details

    Permit Path Available?

      The Notice of Violation will spell out whether or not a permit is available to cure the violation. If a permit is available to cure the violation, an abatement schedule will be included as part of the Notice of Violation. The abatement schedule sets out timeframes for the property owner to submit their permit application(s) to the department and timeframes for when the property owner must obtain permit approval(s). If the property owner decides to obtain permit approval(s) for the violation(s), the application submittal must include a signed abatement schedule. Abatement schedules may be revised for good cause, but are subject to approval by the Division Manager.

      If the violation may not be cured by obtaining permit approvals, the Notice of Violation will provide a deadline for the violation to be abated. Failure to abate within the specified timeframe may result in the issuance of a Notice of Determination of Fines. If you are unable to meet the designated timeframe, you must submit a written request for an extension.

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