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      The County of Santa Barbara assesses various fees on all Building permit applications. The fee schedule amounts reflect the current cost of providing permitting services and enforcing the related regulations and statutes governing Building and Safety permitting.

    Land Development

      The County of Santa Barbara requires payment for all processing costs associated with the review of applications for permits for development and other uses of property as required by the County Zoning Ordinances. Planning and Development reviews each application and determines what permits or other approvals are required and how the California Environmental Quality Act and other state and local regulations apply.

    Development Impact

      Under the authority of Government Code 66000 et seq. (AB 1600), which allows local jurisdictions to establish Land Development Fees, the County of Santa Barbara has adopted several fee programs to fund needed public infrastructure. Some of the established fee programs are imposed countywide, while others apply to specific geographical areas (e.g., community planning area) within the County.

      Development Impact Fees are imposed on new development to pay for their fair share of the construction costs associated with added public infrastructure (roads, parks, library, etc.) needed to serve the development.

      *not including Goleta and Orcutt Plannning Areas.

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