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Before You Apply?

What to know before you apply?

    Permit application forms are available online or at the public counters located in each of our offices. Each application will be customized for your project. Tell us what you intend to do, and we will prepare a packet with the proper information. For most projects this will include:

      Submittal Requirements: Usually plans, maps, photos.

      Plan & Map Requirements: Review these carefully before you prepare plans and maps for submittal.

      The Application Form: Either a short or a long version. The long version includes additional submittal requirements; both ask for a description of your project.

      Supplemental Information Requests: As applicable, for agricultural activities, housing, hazardous materials, greenhouses, Mission Canyon area projects, and trailers, mobile homes, and 2nd residential units.

    The more complex your request, the more complex the application packet. If you need assistance with your application, have questions about requirements or about the permit history of your property, please call our Application Coordinator. He / She is available to help you fill out your application and will review your application to ensure your submittal is complete at turn in. When you turn in your application, you will also need to pay fees for Planning and Development and other department reviews. Some applications require payment of a "fixed" fee and others require only a deposit. If you pay a deposit, the planner assigned to review your application will give you an estimate of total costs for processing within 30 days of your submittal.

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