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More Information on the Permit Process

Where to get more information?

    Staff at the Public Counters will answer your questions about:

    Agricultural Preserves
    Applicability, procedure, allowable uses.

    Comprehensive Planning
    Site specific designations, meaning of designations, policies.

    Discretionary Permits
    Status of applications in process, copies of materials (staff reports) related to pending case, procedures for filing new applications, assistance with filing, procedure for filing appeals.

    Growth Management Ordinances
    Exemptions, points, allocations, effective dates, hardships.

    Historical Permit Information
    Information in microfiche (or original) address or permit files on issued permits.

    Issuance of Land Use of Coastal Development Permits
    Plan review, exemptions, re-stamping for minor revisions.

    Assistance with map selection, reading, interpretation.

    Mission Canyon
    Specific plan procedures.

    Regional Boards of Architectural Review
    Applicability, procedures, Hillside/Ridgeline Ordinance.

    Site specific zoning, meaning of zone districts, site specific land uses (e.g., required setbacks and allowable uses), general land uses (eg., which land uses allow bed and breakfasts?)

    And many others...

    Including questions about the Assessor's Parcel System (APS), Assessor Parcel Numbers, Parcel pages, landscape bonding procedures, sign ordinance, address assignment, zoning or permit compliance status, fees, etc.

    The Counter Staff will also help you determine if you should request a "Pre-application Review" and will help you make an appointment for a "Planner Consultation" if one is needed.  (Counter hours and locations).

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