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What's Left After Decision?

What's left to do after the permit decision?

    Permit Condition Clearance

    Final action on a discretionary permit allows you to proceed to the next step in the permit process. If the discretionary permit you obtained does not require that you obtain a Building Permit you must obtain land use clearance (either a coastal development permit, land use permit or zoning clearance) before you commence the activity allowed by the discretionary permit. If your project was a tentative map or lot line adjustment, you must obtain map clearance from Planning and Development in order to record the map or lot line adjustment. Land use or map clearance ensures that you have complied with all applicable conditions of approval before the use or development commences. It will take some time to clear all the conditions of your approval.

    Building Permits

    For all discretionary permits which will require some construction or grading you must receive Building Permits. All Planning and Development fees must be paid before land use clearance, map clearance or building permits will be issued.

    Condition, Plan and Code Compliance

    Once a Building or Grading Permit has been issued, you may commence construction. Your construction practices must comply with conditions of approval, your design must be consistent with final approved plans, your construction must meet all codes and standards, your final project must comply with any conditions of use or final design conditions such as landscaping. Planning and Development Staff, along with Staff from other departments, such as the Fire Department, will inspect your project regularly to ensure compliance with conditions of approval.

    Occupancy Signoff

    Once your project is completed and you have complied with all conditions of approval, codes, standards and plans, and you have paid all outstanding fees to the County, Planning and Development Staff will issue your final occupancy clearance. Please note that some existing buildings must have occupancy clearance renewed when the use changes. For example, daycare facilities must meet different building code standards than regular buildings (e.g. shorter sinks, toilets and emergency exit knobs).

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