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Key Site 30 Bradley Village

    The project consists of multiple applications for the following: Orcutt Community Plan (OCP) Amendment (Case no. 05GPA-00000-00006), Rezone (Case no. 05RZN-00000-00010), Tentative Tract Map (TM 14,759) and two Final Development Plan entitlements (07DVP-00000-00032/10DVP-00000-00002) to develop 69 single family homes and a 3.53-acre recreational park.

    The site has two Land Use and Zoning designations consisting of Agriculture, with a 40 acre minimum parcel size (AG-I-40) and Residential-20, Multifamily Residential-Orcutt (MR-O). The MR-O zone has a minimum density of 20 units per acre. The MR-O zone is located on the western portion of the site and covers approximately 12.91 acres. The AG-I-40 zone is located on the remaining 66.43 acres. The OCP Amendment application will establish Residential designations of RES 3.3, RES 4.6, and RES 8.0 on 18.07 acres and the REC/OS Designation on 44.28 acres to replace the existing A-II-40 designation. The application also requests to amend OCP development standard KS30-2 to allow limited uses and development in the identified open space area located in the central portion of the site.

    Permit Application Numbers: 05GPA-00000-00006, 05RZN-00000-00010, 07DVP-00000-00032, 07TRM-00000-00006, 10DVP-00000-00002

    Project Status

      The Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors approved this project on September 10, 2013.


      September 10, 2013 - Board of Supervisors

      August 27, 2013 - Board of Supervisors (project continued to September 10, 2013)

      May 1, 2013 - County Planning Commission

      April 24, 2013 - County Planning Commission

      Sept 26, 2012 - Draft DEIR Hearing

      July 28, 2010 - Scoping Meeting



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