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Ballantyne Single-Family Residence

Ballantyne Single-Family Residence, Accessory Structures and Waterline

    The applicant Lynn Ballantyne submitted an application for a Land Use Permit (05LUP-00000-00611) to construct an 11,535 square foot (SF) residence and 1,798 SF attached garage; 800 SF guest house and 568 SF attached garage; 1,200 SF barn; 660-foot long berm; and accessory structures, including a driveway and two 5,000 gallon water tanks, and utilities, including extension of a municipal waterline to the 17-acre subject parcel. The applicant also applied for a Coastal Development Permit (08CDP-00000-000006) for a portion of the proposed waterline located within the Coastal Zone.

    The subject parcel is located at 500 Farren Road, approximately one mile west of Goleta and one-third of a mile north of Highway 101, Goleta Area, Third Supervisorial District. Assessor Parcel Number 079-090-036.

    In June 2006, the Planning and Development Department (P&D) denied the project. The applicant appealed this decision to the Planning Commission. In November 2006, the Planning Commission approved the project. The Gaviota Coast Conservancy appealed this decision to the Board of Supervisors. In June 2007, the Board of Supervisors determined that the project was subject to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and directed staff to prepare the required environmental documents and return to the Board of Supervisors for a final decision on the project.

    Project Status

    Rincon Consultants has prepared a Proposed Final Mitigated Negative Declaration (08NGD-00000-00014) for P&D pursuant to Section 15070 of the State Guidelines for Implementation of the California Environmental Quality Act.

    On Tuesday, July 15, 2008, the Board of Supervisors will resume the hearing to consider the Gaviota Coast Conservancy’s appeal of the Planning Commission’s decision to approve the proposed project.

    Hearing Dates

    Board of Supervisors

    July 15, 2008 – Agenda

    Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration

    Board of Supervisors Agenda Letter

    Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration [PDF 16MB]


    June Pujo , Supervising Planner
    (805) 568-2056

    Allen Bell, Senior Planner
    (805) 568-2033

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