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State Street Hospitality New Hotel

    State Street Hospitality, Inc. submitted an application for a Development Plan to develop a new 88-room limited services hotel on the site of the existing Hope Ranch Inn, at 4111 and 4119 State Street. The site is located on the south side of State Street, at the southern terminus of Highway 154 (San Marcos Pass), just west of the city limits of Santa Barbara, and within the unincorporated area of eastern Goleta.

    The proposal is for a three-story hotel of approximately 39,628 sq. ft. with a partially subterranean parking garage below that would provide two levels of parking for 93 cars (approximately 43,448 sq. ft.). The hotel would provide limited services such as a swimming pool and a breakfast buffet for hotel guests but would not have a full service restaurant, banquet or conference facilities. A Minor Conditional Use Permit (CUP) is also required for a proposed retaining wall located adjacent to the retention basin in the rear of the property. The entire length of the retaining wall would range in height from 10 feet at the northeast corner of the basin with a 3.5-foot high safety railing to 1.5 feet on the west where it ends near ground level. An approximately 20-foot linear extent of the wall would exceed eight feet in height within a setback. The proposed project will require approximately 11,300 cubic yards of cut and no fill. The property is 0.87 acres, zoned C-2/C-3 (Retail and General Commercial), and shown as Assessor's Parcel Numbers 061-110-009 and 061-110-008.

    The existing 16-unit Hope Ranch Inn motel (4,900 sq. ft.), a manager's unit and one residence (currently vacant, approximately 700 sq. ft.) would be demolished.

    Permit Application Numbers: 09DVP-00000-00018, 11CUP-00000-00015, 09BAR-00000-00103 and 13ZCI-00000-00079

    Project Status (March 2014)

      The project was heard by the Planning Commission on September 5, 2012. The Planning Commission approved 09DVP-00000-00018 and 11CUP-00000-00015 by a vote of 5-0. A Zoning Clearance application was submitted on July 1, 2013 to clear conditions prior to building permit review. In addition, the applicant has proposed some changes to the project that qualify for a determination of substantial conformity to the approved Development Plan. These changes are undergoing additional design review by the SBAR.




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