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Beach Club Drive Family Trust Lot Split, New Residence and Gabion Wall & Grading

    The proposed project has three elements: (1) a two-way lot split (Tentative Parcel Map), (2) a Coastal Development Permit for a new single family dwelling; and (3) a Coastal Development Permit to resolve a zoning violation and install a new fence.

    Permit Application Numbers: 12TPM-00000-00006, 11CDH-00000-00054, and 11CDH-00000-00054


      The project is located at 2825 Padaro Lane in the Summerland Community Plan Area, on Assessor’s Parcel No. 005-260-018


      The proposed project was approved and the Mitigated Negative Declaration certified by the Planning Commission on December 4, 2013. The Planning Commission’s approval was appealed to the Board of Supervisors (Case no. 13APL-00000-00029). On July 8, 2014, the Board directed staff to prepare a Focused Environmental Impact Report on recreational impacts and related policy inconsistencies and to return to the Board as appropriate when completed. As a result, the proposed project was neither approved nor denied, but cannot be processed further until compliance with CEQA is addressed.


      Board of Supervisors Hearing - July 8, 2014

      Board of Supervisors Hearing - April 1, 2014

      Board of Supervisors Hearing - February 18, 2014

      Plannning Commission Hearing - December 4, 2013



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