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Orcutt Key Site 3

    The project consists of multiple applications for the following: Orcutt Community Plan (OCP) Amendment (Case no. 13GPA-00000-00005), Rezone (Case no. 13RZN-00000-00001), Vesting Tentative Tract Map (TM 14,801) and a Final Development Plan (13DVP-0000-00010) to develop 125 single family homes.

    The site has two Land Use and Zoning designations consisting of Residential Ranchette, with a 10 acre minimum parcel size (RR-10) and Multifamily Residential-Orcutt (MR-O). The MR-O zone is located in the north central portion of the site and covers approximately 8 acres. The proposed OCP Amendment and Rezone applications would establish a Planned Residential Development (PRD) zoning on the remaining 131 acres in order to accommodate the 125 proposed single family homes. The application also includes a request to amend OCP Development Standard KS 3-6 and KS 3-7 to specify that secondary access would be provided via a new road that would be linked to Chancellor Street which connects to Stillwell Road. In accordance with the OCP, primary access to the site would be provided via a new road off of Clark Avenue and through Key Site 2 to the north. Additionally, the proposed project includes recreational amenities such as private neighborhood parks, private and public open space areas, and the eastern portion of the Orcutt Creek multi-use trail system.

    Permit Application Numbers: 13GPA-00000-00005, 13RZN-00000-00001, 13TRM-00000-00001, 13DVP-0000-00010


      The project is located approximately 0.5 miles south of the Clark Avenue /U.S. Highway 101 intersection in the Orcutt area. The property totals approximately 139 acres, and is identified as Assessor Parcel Number 129-151-026, Fourth Supervisorial District.


      Preparation of the Final Subsequent Environmental Impact Report is in progress.


      Santa Barbara County Planning Commission - TBD

      Santa Barbara Board of Supervisors - TBD



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