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OASIS Meeting Center Project

    OASIS proposes to relocate their existing operations from current rented space on Soares Avenue in Old Town Orcutt to a proposed facility at Orcutt Community Plan (OCP) Key Site 18. The project involves amendments to the OCP and various land use entitlements. The proposed Project location is just north of Clark Avenue, west of Foxenwood Lane and south of Orcutt Creek. Access would be provided to the Project via a driveway on Foxenwood Lane, just north of Clark Avenue. The driveway involves an access easement over the adjacent commercial property (APN 105-020-041, owner Steve LeBard) at the corner of Foxenwood Lane and Clark Avenue (See Figure 3).

    Figure 1 - OASIS Project Site
    Figure 1 - Aerial Showing OASIS Project Site within Orcutt Community Plan Key Site 18

    The 5.28-acre OASIS property (APNs 105-020-063, -064, together one legal parcel) is currently undeveloped open space, zoned "Recreation," with a Comprehensive Plan designation of "Open Space" and an "Existing Public or Private Park/Recreation and/or Open Space" Overlay (See Figure 2). The property also includes a segment of the proposed Orcutt Creek Class I Bike Path and Trail designated on the County’s Parks Recreation and Trails (PRT) Map.

    Figure 2 - OCP Key Site
    Figure 2 - OCP Key Site Fig 18-2


    Figure 3 - OASIS Site Plan
    Figure 3 - OASIS Project Site Plan (Click image to enlarge.)


    Figure 4 - OASIS East End
    Figure 4 - Site Plan East End with Access Drive (Click image to enlarge.)


    The OASIS property is part of the original open space for the Southpoint Estates residential subdivision and rezone project approved in 1979, Tract Map TM 12,679/Rezone Ordinance No. 3106 (79-EIR-1). The last three of five recorded units of the Southpoint Estates project were processed under a subsequent tentative map, TM 13,345 (82-EIR-18). Most of the area now referred to as Orcutt Community Plan (OCP) Key Site 18 was designated for open space and non-commercial recreational use as part of the Southpoint Estates project approvals. More information regarding the property permitting history is publicly available on County microfiche and in the current project file.

    Project Requests

    General Plan Amendment 14GPA-00000-00020 involves amendments to four components of the OCP to allow for the OASIS development, including amendments to OCP Development Standard KS18-1, the OCP Open Space Map, the OCP PRT Map and OCP Bikeways Map.

    Recorded Map Modification 16RMM-00000-00001 would modify conditions of approval that relate to the Southpoint Estates subdivision (TM 12,679 and TM 13,345) open space parcels (now Key Site 18 open space) and the related recorded final maps.

    Lot Line Adjustment 16LLA-00000-00004 would affect the southern tip of the OASIS property that touches Clark Avenue. This area is zoned commercial and would be added to the adjacent commercial parcel at the corner of Clark and Foxenwood Lane, owned by Steve LeBard.

    Development Plan 16DVP-00000-00002 and Conditional Use Permits 16CUP-00000-00006, 17CUP-00000-00013 would permit the proposed OASIS development, including buildings (15,333 SF), parking lots, outdoor use areas, access, an off-site directional sign on APN 105-020-041, and associated proposed uses of the Project for OASIS and non-OASIS members.

    Government Code 65402 Consistency Finding Case No. 18GOV-00000-00005 was added to address OASIS’ proposed acquisition of the County’s development rights to the property.

    Additional information regarding the OASIS project, Southpoint Estates, and Orcutt Community Plan Key Site 18 is available upon request. (See P&D contact information further below).


      The 30-day Scoping Period for the preparation of a Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) will begin October 12, 2018 and end November 15, 2018.

      A Scoping Meeting has been scheduled for October 25, 2018 at 5:30p.m. at Betteravia Government Center, Board Hearing Room, 511 East Lakeside Parkway, Santa Maria. The Scoping Meeting discussion will be limited to environmental concerns, the focus of the environmental document, potential mitigation measures and potential alternatives to the project.


      October 25, 2018 - EIR Scoping Meeting

      November 15, 2018 - EIR Scoping public comment period ends



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