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Rice Ranch Specific Plan (2014)

    The project consists of the following applications: a General Plan Amendment to the Orcutt Community Plan, a Specific Plan revisions, a Vesting Tentative Tract Map, a Final Development Plan, a Development Agreement, a Rezone, a Road Naming and a Minor Conditional Use Permit for the Rice Ranch project located at Rice Ranch and Stubblefield Roads in south Orcutt. The approximately 560-acre Master Planned Community consists of 725 residential units with an overall gross project density of approximately 1.3 units per acre. The proposed Specific Plan would increase the project footprint relative to the approved 2003 Plan by 0.2 acres, from 152.6 to 152.8 acres, of the 560.1-acre area. Grading for tract and park development, including roadways and building pads for the proposed homes, is estimated to be approximately 1,268,879 cubic yards (c.y.): 692,253 c.y. cut, and 576,626 c.y. of fill. Project grading would require approximately 62,755 c.y. of imported soil to the project site.

    The Final Development Plan (14DVP-00000-00004) would provide for phased build out of the remaining 530 of the total 725 residential units in the four undeveloped neighborhoods (Valley View, Pine Creek multi-family, Meadows, and Grove). The Major CUP (14CUP-00000-00005) would allow for an approximately 5,000 s.f. clubhouse for the Rice Ranch residents. The project also includes a proposed Development Agreement (14ORD-00000-00004) and a General Plan Amendment which proposes the payment of affordable housing in lieu fees instead of providing the affordable units onsite, as currently required in the Orcutt Community Plan. The General Plan Amendment also proposes to clarify that ownership and maintenance of the neighborhood parks would be the responsibility of the Rice Ranch HOA instead of the County . The Minor CUP (14CUP-00000-00006) would allow for construction of walls/fences greater than eight feet in height in the Pine Creek Multi Family neighborhood.

    Permit Application Numbers: 14SPP-00000-00001, 14GPA-00000-00006, 14ORD-00000-00004, 15ORD-00000-00015, 15RZN-00000-000008, 15GPA-00000-00005, 14TRM-00000-00001, 14DVP-00000-00004, 14CUP-00000-00006, and 14RDN-00000-00004


      The application involves AP Nos. 101-380-002; 101-390-002 through -004 and -007, -008, -009; 101-400-001, -002; 101-410-001 through -046; 101-420-001 through -034; 101-430-001 through -021; 101-440-001 through -028; 101-450-001 through -024; 101-460-001 through -028; and, 101-470-001 through -016 located on the south side of Stubblefield and Rice Ranch Roads in the southeastern portion of the Orcutt Community Plan area, Fourth Supervisorial District.


      The project is scheduled to be heard by the County Planning Commission on August 12, 2015

      The application was deemed “complete” for processing on November 12, 2014.

      An application was received on February 28, 2014 and the application was deemed “incomplete” for processing on March 28, 2014.



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