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Vanquish Revision to Conditional Use Permit

    The project is for a revision to a major Conditional Use Permit allowing a revision 15RVP-00000-00020 to 97-CP-020 for construction of a 41,250 square foot covered to be placed over the existing arena approved with the original horse operation. The proposed arena cover will be approximately 23 feet in height. All lighting shall be in compliance with the Dark Sky requirements on property zoned AG-I-10.

    Permit Application Numbers: 15RVP-00000-00020


      The application involves Assessor Parcel No. 141-121-020, located approximately 600 feet southwest of the intersection of Highway 154 and Edison Street, known as 1659 Edison Street, in the Santa Ynez Community Plan Area, Third Supervisorial District.


      The project has not been scheduled to the County Planning Commission.

      The application was deemed complete for processing on August 25, 2015.

      An application was received on July 7, 2015.



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