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The Neighborhoods of Willow Creek & Hidden Canyon (Key Site 21)

    The project site is comprised of three undeveloped parcels (APN’s 113-250-015, -016, -017) located on a portion of Key Site 21 in the Orcutt Community Plan area. Key Site 21 is located on the south side of Highway 1 between Solomon Road and Black Road, approximately 1/2 mile west of the Highway 1/Solomon Road intersection in the Third Supervisorial District. Orcutt Rancho, LLC, is requesting approval of the following applications for the Neighborhoods of Willow Creek & Hidden Canyon Project:

    • A Specific Plan that provides for the design and regulatory framework for orderly development including housing, a public trail, open space, and biological protection measures.
    • Two Vesting Tentative Tract Maps that create a total of 146 single family residential lots and 2 open space/private roadway lots to be maintained by an HOA for a total of 148 lots.
    • Two Development Plans for the development of 146 single family residences, associated infrastructure including open space areas, and onsite water detention areas.
    • A Minor Conditional Use Permit for new entrance signs.
    • A Minor Conditional Use Permit for a new community water system.
    • A General Plan Amendment to relocate the proposed public trail staging area from the location shown in Orcutt Community Plan Figure KS 21-1 (adjacent to SR 1) to the project site.
    • A Road Naming application proposing names for the proposed private roads.

    Permit Application Numbers: 16SPP-00000-00001, 17GPA-00000-00005, 16TRM-00000-00003, 16TRM-00000-00004, 16DVP-00000-00008, 17DVP-00000-00011, 16CUP-00000-00033, 17CUP-00000-00030, 17RDN-00000-00002


      The preparation of a Subsequent Environmental Impact Report for the project is in process.


      April 18, 2018 - SEIR Scoping Meeting



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