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Telcommunication Planning - Design Review Requirements

Design Review Requirements

    Does my project need Board of Architectural Review (BAR)?

    New Facility

    New facilities may require BAR. Use the BAR Guide to help you determine if BAR is required for your project.

    If BAR is required, you must include the BAR fee, application form, a set of photosimulations, and an extra set of plans with your Permit application.

    • BAR Application - This application is for the North, Central, and South Boards of Architectural Review

    • MBAR Application - This application is for the Montecito Board of Architectural Review

    Changes to an Approved Project

    Changes to approved or built facilities, may also require BAR. If the original permit required BAR and the change proposed affects the BAR approval, the application may be required to return to BAR for a Revised Final approval.

    BAR Agendas, Minutes, Information

    For further information visit the Regional Boards of Architectural Review.

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