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Telcommunication Planning - Radiofrequency Report Requirements

Radiofrequency Report Requirements

    Radiofrequency reports shall be conducted by a qualified professional who is wholly independent of the applicant/permittee and must include a complete analysis of the elements described below.

    Radiofrequency reports must include consideration and analysis of the following components:

    Graphics, maps and site plans should be included as necessary to demonstrate information.

    1. If the proposed project is a new facility
    2. If the proposed project is an addition to an existing facility
    3. If the proposed project is a replacement of equipment at an existing facility
    4. Where other existing facilities are on the property
    5. How many and what type (panel, whip, dish) of antennas the other facilities have
    6. Whether there are other facilities currently proposed for the property of which you are aware
    7. Whether there are occupied multi-story structures within 1000’ of the site. If so, state maximum number of stories

    8. Whether there is a significant (± 3 foot) change in elevation within 1000 feet of the site
    9. What the nearest public accessible location is closest to the antennas
    10. Whether access to the public would need to be restricted to meet the Public MPE limits
    11. How and where access would need to be restricted (e.g., location of fencing and signage)
    12. Locations likely to have the potential to have the highest exposure

    13. How many antennas are proposed
    14. How many antennas are existing at the facility
    15. The make and model of the proposed antennas
    16. The projected maximum ERP for each sector in watts (i.e., all channels operating at maximum)
    17. For collocation sites (i.e., where other carriers are on the same structure as the proposed project) the projected cumulative maximum exposure levels (all facilities combined) expressed as a percent of the public MPE

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